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“We want to revolutionise the way entrepreneurs approach business. We want to challenge business owners to use their passion to build profitable sustainable businesses which have a positive impact in the world. We are showing them how to do it.  And YOU are invited.”

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The Business Soul Sessions is brought to you by internationally-renowned mixed media artist and author Kelly Rae Roberts, and award-winning entrepreneur Beth Nicholls, founder of Do What You Love Here is a bit more about who we are…

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The explosive success of Kelly Rae Roberts’ creative business has inspired countless people all across the world to stretch their wings and leap into a more creative life. In less than five years Kelly Rae has authored bestselling book ‘Taking Flight’, built a loyal global following and created a flourishing creative business with multiple income streams including major licensing deals in giftware and home furnishings, hugely successful e-books and e-courses, blog sponsorships and more. By reaching out to other creatives and inspiring them through meaningful art and education, Kelly Rae has seen her profits increase by over 2000% in less than 5 years.

To Kelly Rae art was the unexpected life-changing discovery of finding her passion, a creative dream she neglected until she was 30 years old. She says, “When I finally began to put paint onto paper, my heart and life exploded with a joy I hadn’t known before. Now, many moons later, the whimsical and playful nature of my paintings still come from the inside like a quiet yet heartfelt truth.”

It is this strong sense of honesty and tenderness which has drawn countless people to her work – and Kelly Rae runs her business with the same authenticity and passion.

Kelly Rae drinks tea with milk every morning, and often laughs in her sleep.

Find out more on her website, or connect on Facebook or Twitter

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At heart Beth Nicholls is a wanderer, an adventurer, a seeker of beauty. Her life story is a catalogue of wild and crazy experiences which she wouldn’t believe if she hadn’t been there herself. She also happens to be an award-winning entrepreneur with a strong sense of social responsibility, who has worked alongside some of the world’s most well-known brands and has been instrumental in raising over $10 million for charity.

Not too long ago Beth founded Do What You Love, to give creative women the tools and inspiration to do what they love for life. This includes groundbreaking retreats and e-courses which have been described as ‘life-changing’, ‘awe-inspiring’ and ‘transformational’. In fact, Kelly Rae was the inspiration for this business, but that’s another story…

Beth also runs a boutique consultancy specialising in responsible business, and has experience working with UN agencies, global brands and NGOs in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. In 2010 she was selected by Marie Claire Magazine as one of the UK’s 16 most exciting young female entrepreneurs. Beth was a finalist for the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2012, in the Education Entrepreneur category, in recognition of Do What You Love’s pioneering online courses.

Beth has a Master’s degree in Japanese and used to host her own TV show. She is a keen photographer, painter and writer. She also has a slight obsession with washi tape and beautiful paper, and harbours a secret dream to launch her own stationery line.

Beth drinks tea with milk every morning, and often dreams of chocolate.

Find out more on her website, or connect on Facebook or Twitter.

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